Dr. Nanci Knox is a chiropractor who specializes in Nutrition Response Testing. During and after her chiropractic education she struggled with several health issues (chronic diarrhea, severe anemia, head twitching, and post-surgery foot pain from extensive bunion surgery). From her healing experiences, she learned “Let Food Be Your Medicine!!”

“I hate to think where I would be or should I say, would I be alive or would I be getting by day by day with the help of Medicare and Medicaid? My health was declining quickly when I entered Chiropractic school in May of 1999. Some of my health issues I had sporadically throughout my adult life but would clear up after several months. Unfortunately, this was not the case this time, my issues were not clearing up but were growing worse despite medical care.

First, I entered chiropractic school with severe post-surgery foot pain from extensive bunion surgery. For 5 years I wondered if I would ever be able to wear anything besides sneakers and sneakers were becoming a challenge.

Secondly, after 1 ½ months into my 1st trimester, my once a day chronic diarrhea had taken a turn for the worse. It had become so frequent that I was afraid to leave my apartment for classes for fear of accidents.

Thirdly, I was the most anemic I had ever been (both iron and B12 deficient). I truly felt the worst I had ever felt in my life. (The neurologist for my head twitch had not seen a B12 this low in years.) Nuclear tests showed nothing to be wrong with my digestive tract and showed I produced the needed Intrinsic Factor for B12 to be absorbed.

If that was not enough to deal with, a head twitch started which eventually went to my left foot and leg before going to my right foot and leg (but less severe than my head thank God!) I was fun for classmates to test out on because I tested positive for clonus and what a weird feeling it was to me to see and feel the series of involuntary muscular contractions! Despite all the blood work and other tests, the neurologist ordered, he could not find a root cause for the head twitch. The EEG operator was amazed nothing showed when flashing the different light patterns at me and my head would definitely twitch!

I also would have brain fog when around certain odors (blacktop sealant, blacktop paving, liquid manure, mint, cigarettes, colognes, essential oils, scented candles, and perfumes) which would set off the head twitching.

Things had gotten to the point as it does for many female patients that I was starting to think it was all in my head but my good friend at chiropractic school got in my face. Amy would not allow me to go down that path and that’s when I decided to give the holistic / alternative / non-allopathic approach a try. Plus, the way I felt I knew I was close to the bottom of the barrel.

To this day, I am still amazed after 2 ½ years of allopathic care with no relief, symptoms worsening, and my hope getting dimmer that in only 6 months of holistic / alternative / non-allopathic care I was given my life back as well as hope! My chronic diarrhea and anemia became something of the past, and the head twitching, brain fog, foot pain had lessened (even started to wear shoes occasionally for a few hours). My life was being given back to me through proper nutrition and a wonderful journey had begun!

The year 2009 was truly miraculous when the Nutrition Response Testing continued to show a problem in the lower jaw bone and it was recommended that I be checked by a holistic dentist for cavitations. The dentist confirmed cavitations and surgically removed 2 infectious areas from my jaw bone. The head twitching and brain fog stopped immediately with the problematic odors mentioned earlier. (The surgery itself was interesting because whenever he drilled the front cavitation my left foot and leg would twitch until he stopped.)”

After all this, I knew I had to take the Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing. I wanted to help others with their health and give back to society by giving the gift of health to my surrounding community. My health journey has taught me God gave us bodies that can heal themselves when given the right materials for healing. Nutrition Response Testing is all about helping this practitioner do just that. At the time of my training, it was quite a commitment on my part. It required flying once a month for 6 months to Florida for 3 days of training, plus making all your traveling arrangements. Once back home, there was the required studying and reviewing of your manual, watching videos, and studying supplements so you could pass each test the next month.

What does Dr. Knox like to do when not learning nutrition information? I love to leisurely read, go to Green Lakes State Park beach on Fridays in the summer for an hour to work on my Vitamin D, plus I love to walk there due to so many fond memories camping in their cabins with my aunts, uncles, and cousins as a youth. I also take a week off in the summer to go camping in a tent at Green Lakes. I love to do anything athletic but especially walking, running, bicycling, and shooting basketball hoops. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking and being a Creative Memories scrapbooking consultant since May 13, 2003.

Dr. Nanci L. Knox was born and raised in Canastota, NY. She attended Le Moyne College on an athletic scholarship for basketball and softball. Dr. Knox graduated in 1987 with a B.S. in Accounting. Most of her years after Le Moyne College were spent working as a Systems Engineer for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in Amherst, NY servicing GM financial systems. After having sudden and severe sinusitis taken care of by her chiropractic, Dr. Knox decided to change careers. She attended the prestigious New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) in Seneca Falls, NY. She did her internship in Syracuse and graduated in December 2003. Dr. Knox graduated from Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing in March 2008.