The Difference

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Change eating habits at a pace appropriate for you. This is so important unless you are dealing with cancer. If you are dealing with cancer you have to go cold turkey with eating changes because so many of the Standard American Diet (SDAD) foods breaks down into sugar and feeds the cancer. The PET scan the medical field uses works due to radioactive sugar the cancer patient is given. The cancer cells eat the radioactive sugar causing the cancer cells to light up on the body scan like the Lite Bright toy!

For all other patients, like those looking for an IBS doctor in Utica, Dr. Knox and the patient will work together to remove foods from your daily eating routine. Each visit you and Dr. Knox will pick a goal to work towards until your next appointment. The foods that break down into sugar are fruit (important to keep to 1-2 serving per day unless you are dealing with an immune challenge-bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungus, in which case you will be advised to omit fruit), refined sugar (the white stuff), corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup, grains whether in pasta, cereal, or breads (these cause inflammation in your body), and soda (even diet soda).

At Knox Nutrition and Chiropractic we have healthy holiday recipes for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, picnicking for the summer holidays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Yearly I keep trying to find a healthy Jelly Bean recipe with no luck! LOL


Personalized Care

No cookie cutter approach used because each patient from those looking for an IBS doctor in Utica to those struggling with mild food allergies are different due to no two people having the same biochemistry. I have yet to have members of the same family have the same protocol. Your ethic background comes into play as well with changing people’s eating habits. If you are a chiropractic patient, you will have different symptoms from others. I may need to adjust your ankles and feet, while another patient’s hands and elbows.

Whole Food Supplements

Provide genuine building blocks for your body. For people looking for an IBS doctor in Utica that can assist with supplements our biggest Whole Food Supplement company is Standard Process. They have their own organic farmland in Palmyra, Wisconsin. You can find various videos on to learn more. Their supplements are great and tested throughout the entire process for quality. Wonderful but sad, when they cannot get the high-quality materials for some outsourced vegetables, they will discontinue the supplement. Another interesting point, the tablets can look a little different from growing season to growing season. This is because man cannot control the weather, the soil and what nutrients the plants take in.

There are several other great companies we work with which focus on high quality like Standard Process. They are Systemic Formulas, Energtixs, Cell Core, HVS Laboratory, Mediherb from Standard Process and Marco Pharma Inc.

We do not use synthetic supplements because approximately 90% are made by pharmaceutical companies using coal tar. which is derived from coal. Coal tar comes from soft coal. Our bodies were not made to digest that kind of stuff. Those types of supplements are actually called Nutraceuticals because they are a grade or level below pharmaceuticals. So you’re actually putting more chemicals into your body and we get enough already.


We Teach You How to Take Care of Your Health

One of the many differences between Dr. Knox and other conventional healthcare offices is you will be educated with the truth. The Standard American Diet, especially for those looking for an IBS doctor in Utics, is slowly killing people and making each generation sicker and sicker. Think about it, there are more allergies, asthma, diabetes, people with headaches and migraines, increased heart disease, alzheimers and dementia (happening at younger ages then our grandparents, joint replacements are on the rise, cancer diagnosis are rising, infertility problems. You get the picture!

Why do you think there is an increase in women not able to get pregnant? Yes, there will always be some women who cannot conceive. Did you know the male and female body needs cholesterol to make sex hormones. Where do you think you get the cholesterol from? You get it from eating healthy good fats. But what has the America public been told. Fat is BAD!!! Therefore, people are not eating fat and to make matters worse, they are eating unhealthy fats (canola oil, vegetable oils, margarine, hydronated fats (used in processed foods). Americans should be eating butter, avocados, Olive and Coconut oil, nuts, nut butters, eggs (yolks are so nutrient dense), eating bacon and saving the bacon fat, using lard, eating animal fat from steak and chicken as long as it is grass fed.

Dr. Knox educates each of her patients with the use of a Nutrition Wellness Guide. This guide is yours to keep and write in. Everyone raves about this guide. Dr. Knox gets these comments about the book: This is how I ate growing up on our farm. This is how my grandparents ate and they lived well into their 90’s.

Practitioner Available 7 Days

Dr. Knox is available during non-business hours 7 days a week. This has especially been important with COVID. She has had a number of patients call during non-business hours because they had come down with COVID. Dr. Knox has helped her patients overcome this illness with a few needing to get medical help.

The last thing Dr. Knox tells a patient when she starts working with them is if you need to reach me during non-business hours my cell number is on the answering machine message. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I do not care if it is Christmas Day. Patients always state they would never call her on Christmas Day. Dr. Knox asks them how long do you think we would talk. Patients always say 5-10 minutes. Correct and Dr. Knox says she will be more upset if she finds out they should have called her.

Her patients can call any time because her cell phone is not kept in her bedroom. A number of patients have taken advantage of this and say they feel better just for being able to leave a message.


Progress Report Every 3 Months

Every 3 months a Progress Report will be done. This allows patients to see their improvements. This is very important at the beginning because it confirms to patients that what Dr. Knox is doing, what they are learning to take care of themselves is truly helping.

For Dr. Knox this is a joyous and humbling experience to see how her patients are getting better working together as a team!