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We not only care about your health we care about the health of our community. 1% of the Profits from Every Treatment Plan are Donated to Light of the World Ballet.

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“Seasonal Allergies Before I was losing my voice on a consistent basis. During changes of season would wake up with a stuffy nose & sneezing (disturb my sleep too).My energy would drop around 4pm daily. I would crave food that was sugary or not good for me. Now My voice is back! No more stuffy nose! Much more energy & feel very strong! I don’t crave bad foods/sugar etc. -Ashley R. 10/5/10 Absence of Period-Amenorrhia Before I had a condition called Amenorrhia (absence of period). My whole life I only got a period if I took synthetic hormones. I came to Dr. Knox Jan of 2010 & went off synthetic hormones. (By my own choice) March of 2010. I followed the program – made dietary changevs, took supplements, etc. Now As of March 1 2011 I started my period!! I feel great & my body is doing it on its own. It is a miracle! I am so thankful to the lord for leading me to Dr. Knox and the unique healing process my body went through. At the age of 31 my body is on it’s own cycle! Anxiety Before I was always tired, irritable and anxious with severe headaches, heavy menstruation and frequent dry skin. Now (After 4 months on our Nutrition Response Testing Program) I feel much more rested, alert and calm. My symptoms have much abated and I feel more in control of my life.”

Caitlin From Rome, NY

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Dr. Knox helps people of all ages from newborns to 90 years and older whether men or women. Those people looking for an IBS doctor in Utica no matter what their age Dr. Knox can work with you. She can work right along with whatever your medical doctor is doing because she is using whole food supplements. This is truly amazing and blows the medical doctors minds. Dr. Knox helps people with mental issues like depression, anxiety, poor memory, panic attacks and profuse crying episodes. She can with endocrine problems whether men or women. In women she helps with the side effects of birth control, libido problems, vaginal dryness, pregnancy problem such as infertility and miscarriages, and monthly cycle. In men, erection problems, infertility problems, and libido issues. With either sex Dr. Knox has helped with migraines, headaches, anemia problems, IBS, ulcers, diverticulitis, poplys, memory, bed wetting, breast feeding problems, blood pressure problem high or low, neck, mid-back, or low back pain. She has helped with sciatica, knee pain, wrist pain, feet pain, basically any joint pain. Dr. Knox has helped with Gout Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. She has had success with acid reflux in patients and helping cancer patients get through chemo treatments much easier. Dr. Knox has helped numerous people with parasites, even when the medical community has told them they do not have parasites. She helps with weight issues whether over or under weight. Dr. Knox helps her patients with stress and fatigue. Bottom line Dr. Knox can help with any health issue a person has.

Dr. Knox helps her patients by the use of Nutrition Response Testing and/or Chiropractic adjusting coupled with trigger point work to relax knotted muscles. With Nutrition Response Testing she used muscle testing to determine if the Autonomic Nervous and organs are functioning properly. If not functioning properly, she determines the root causes of the dysfunction and immediately begins working to remove the root cause. Any dysfunction Dr. Knox finds she will check the 5 Common Stressors to see if they are a root cause. The 5 Common Stressors are 1) Immune Challenges (bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus), 2) food sensitivities, 3) metals, 4) chemicals and 5) scars. If any of these common stressors are a problem she then finds a supplement to reverse the dysfunction. If an organ is dysfunctional, Dr. Knox will also check to see if the organ need specific nutrition for that particular organ. For example, if a patient comes to her needing an IBS doctor in Utica and Dr. Knox finds dysfunctional small intestines; the patient may be given probiotics or digestive enzymes. Dr. Knox will also help the patient to change their eating habits by slowly removing foods known to cause health issues while encouraging them to make healthier food choices to support their bodies. If you put healthy food into a body, the next generation of cells made will be healthier cells. The opposite holds true but people NEVER think about this, if you put unhealthy food into your body, the next generation of cells made will less healthy then the current cells in the body. This causes the decline of the human body and this is when health issues start occurring in the body. Now you know where the phrase comes from, “After forty it’s all downhill.” This is not the way it has to be but the America people have been brain washed into believing this non-sense.

The best time to seek IBS doctor in Utica or any other health issues is before you develop the IBS or other health issue. This period of time is called DIS-EASE because you can sense something is not right but you have not gotten sick enough to be diagnosed yet. Dr. Knox sees this with cancer patients, who are told we cannot find anything wrong with you. 6 to 12 months later the cancer can finally be diagnosed by imaging, then the person’s life is turned upside down. The second best time is after you have been diagnosed whether cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, hypo or hyper thyroid, heart condition, kidney problems of any type, lyme disease, and so on.

If you are looking for an IBS doctor in Utica or have other health issues, Dr. Knox can be found in the town she grew up in. The town is Canastota and is conveniently 30 minutes between Utica and Syracuse. Her office is kitty corner from Theodore’s, formerly known as the Rusty Rail. The address is 3250 Seneca Turnpike (which is Route 5). The office entrance door is Kelly green in honor of green vegetables.

Dr. Knox’s services help the most with a person seeking an IBS doctor in Utica or with other health issues because of her extensive training with Nutrition Response Testing. She is an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing practitioner. Dr. Knox helps to educate her patients by giving homework at patient’s appointments to understand why their health has taken a turn and what they can do about it. This is done using our Nutrition Wellness guide, videos, lending library of books, videos, and CDs. Dr. Knox works with each patient eating habits at a pace that works for them. You will not find a cookie cutter approach at Knox Nutrition and Chiropractic! Dr. Knox and her staff help you to be accountable so you succeed and take responsibility for you health. Because guess what, if you do not take responsibility for your health, who will? As a team, you, Dr. Knox and staff, you will get your health back or never loose it in the first place. You will be gently encouraged at each office visit to make improvements with eating, do some researching on your case, and with some cases patients are given handouts on each of their medications to determine if their side effects are causing their symptoms. This happens more than people realize.

If you are in need of an IBS doctor in Utica or have other health issues needing help, give Dr. Knox’s office try. For $1 New Patient appointment, you would break the bank and you will be fascinated with Nutrition Response Testing.