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  • Biometric Measurements ($20 Value)

Biometric measurements are biological facts collected on a patient during a health appointment. There are several biometric measurements taken during your initial appointment prior to meeting with Dr. Knox. You will be placed on a Tanita scale which will give Dr. Knox your weight and fat percentage. Patients are amazed at their progress report appointments to see this come down. Dr. Knox likes to give this fat loss information to them in sticks of butter lost. Anyone who has an electrical device (like a pacemaker) cannot be put on the Tanita scale because it can cause havoc with the electrical device. Dr. Knox’s staff is highly trained to ask each and every patient if they have any electrical devices in their body. This is because a small unnoticeable amount of electricity is pushed through your body. Electricity does not penetrate fat well, so if you have increase fat your fat percentage will be higher. Therefore, if you are tone and fit, the electricity will flow through your body easily and you will have a low fat percentage. A healthy level for adult men/women is no more than 24-28% for men and 28-30% for females.

Dr. Knox does not weigh children because of the pressure this puts on children. She has seen it is better with children to teach them about healthy eating habits and see for themselves how the weight comes off. Most Americans and this includes children are eating themselves into health issues with the Standard American Diet (SAD). The Standard American Diet includes lots of process food, fast food, soda, juices, Gatorade, caffeine drinks, gluten free products, sweets, and lots of grains. Typically, there is much less good quality meat and vegetables in the Standard America Diet. The Standard American Diet also frequently uses a microwave which destroys much of the nutrients that may be in these Standard America Diet food choices mentioned above.

The staff will take two photos of you. One is a close up of your face and one of your whole body. There are two reasons for this. 1. For staff to ensure they are putting the right patient in the correct room. This is especially helpful for new staff members until they get to know the patients. 2. It is great to see the before and after photos (which are taken at different points though out your health journey.)

There is also a Symptom Survey form you will complete. This is an incredible tool that Dr. Knox loves. It gives her incredible information on various organ systems in your body which are causing the various health issues people come in with. You will be given another Symptom Survey before your 3 month Progress Report appointment in which Dr. Knox will use to see how much improvement you have experienced. This is always exciting for Dr. Knox to see gains her patients have created in their health issues, allowing them to take their health back into their control without the use of drugs and surgeries.

  • Heart Rate Variability Test ($25 Value)

The Heart Rate Variablity Test is the ultimate patient compliance tool for patients. It allows Dr. Knox to show her patients where their level of health truly is. It also lets her know if patients are following her recommendations by showing an improving health score. This is lovingly called the Lay Down, Stand Up test by Dr. Knox and staff.

  • In Depth Review of Symptoms ($50 Value)

Dr. Knox will spend time taking an indepth history of your symptoms. Patients have told Dr. Knox many times they felt they were being listened to and heard for the first time. This is a crucial part of your initial appointment because so much information is gathered in just 15 minutes and it will seem longer than 15 minutes. Dr. Knox has been trained to take in as much as mentally possible because there are times the patient says something so important about their health symptoms. In these instances, the patient is not even aware of the importance of what they just said. Dr. Knox has learn over the years, what questions to ask of certain health issues as well.

  • Nutrition Response Testing ($50 Value)

For Dr. Knox this is the most exciting part of your initial appointment because of what is learned during your Nutrition Response Testing body scan. During the whole body scan, Dr. Knox will be explaining what she is doing so you can start to have a better understanding of Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Knox will be applying pressure to various acupuncture points which correlate to various organs to find out what organs are not functioning properly. Then she will determine which improperly functioning organ wants to be handled first. This is important because otherwise, you will just be chasing symptoms. There is a correct pecking order to handle in each patient. The next thing done by Dr. Knox is determining if one of the 5 Common Stressors is affecting the malfunctioning organ. The 5 Common Stressors are Food Sensitivities, Immune Challenges, Metals, Chemicals or Scars. If something is found she will determine the best whole food supplement for the Common Stressor(s). Lastly, Dr. Knox checks to see if there is specific nutrition the organ wants. For example, if the liver is malfunctioning, there are actually whole food supplements for the liver she will see if your liver likes.

  • Muscle Testing ($50 Value)

Muscle Testing is the tool used to communicate with the body to determine what has gone wrong. Dr. Knox will teach you how to be muscle tested first before performing a Nutrition Response Testing body scan. She will teach you how to be muscle test by using your arm. The short of it is this. If the organ is happy the muscle test will be strong. If the organ is not happy, your muscle test will be weak.

  • Report of Findings Including Treatment Plan ($100)

The Report of Findings is typically done the following week, so Dr. Knox can review the history she took and your paperwork before creating your Report of Findings. (There are exceptions for people traveling 2 hours or more, which the front desk discusses case by case in which we do both appointments in one day.) You will receive your Report of Findings upon entering the office with 15 minutes to read it. Then you will meet with Dr. Knox for an hour to review your Report of Findings. She will explain what organs are malfunctioning, the 5 Common Stressors affecting these organs, and specific nutrition for the malfunctioning organs. Dr. Knox will answer any questions during this period of time as well. You will have your first appointment after your Report of Findings which includes reviewing your food journal kept the prior week, review guidelines, give you handouts to read, and determine what your supplement doses are. The front desk will schedule your next appointment, give you an informative sheet on when to take your supplements, and get your supplements ready for you before leaving the office.