One of the amazing things that we do here at the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse is muscle testing. We know that there are many types of muscle testing that can be considered alternative methods, but our practitioner is using this test to create a response within the autonomic nervous system. We are going to make sure that we are seeing if the tested muscles are strengthened when it is relaxed. Once you’ve learned how to be properly muscle tested, you will not be mentally or consciously feeling the need to use every muscle fiber in your neck and body muscles. We are going to make sure that you are tested in a very natural way. we are going to explain to you the very best ways that you need to be muscle tested, we’re going to make sure that you were able to accomplish this in a very easy way.

At the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse Has to offer, we are going to be doing all kinds of tests to make sure that your health is improved. One of these tests is checking the nervous system first. We are doing a PreFlight test. Before we work with any of the organs and areas of the bodies, the autonomic nervous system has two parts I need to be checked. One area consists of your sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system. These systems are what create our fight or flight mechanism, and they should be more active when we are up and about the period the parasympathetic nervous system calms us down, and it should be more alert when we are sleeping or eating. Both of these need to be properly regulated, and they are both needed and defending the body’s needs.

Because we are the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse, we know that there are many different things that you might need in order to keep these functioning properly. We would like to think of them as a gas pedal and a brake pedal. you will use your foot to push the appropriate pedals at different times. For example, if you were walking and you see a coyote, your brain tells your systems that this is a life threatening problem. you will utilize these systems simultaneously to make sure that your body is going correctly and making the right choices in this horrible situation.

We are always making sure that these systems are not blocked. we will be making sure by using your hands in different muscles to make sure that that is not the case. The problem is placed over the belly button to cause a stress response. if it is functioning properly. we will be able to see that. If it’s not functioning properly, we will diagnose it as blocked. There are many things that can cause the assistance to be blocked such as food sensitivity, immune challenges such as bacteria, viruses, fungiaries, parasites, or virulence factors, medals, chemicals, and scars. all these things can cause major blockage in these different systems.

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We will be working on all of these stressors as we go through the process here at our Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse, and we believe that you’re going to see results very quickly. They are always checked whenever there’s a problem with the autonomic nervous system, organs, or any other area of the body. We believe that you can contain all these problems, but every single case can cause a different problem. we are going to make sure that you have access to everything that you might possibly need.

because we have the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse, we know exactly what needs to be done in order to maintain accurate health. We are going to be working with all kinds of things such as electromagnetic fields, foods, bacteria, and many other things that could be causing problems for everybody. We work with Miles that are imprinted with the electromagnetic field, and when the vitals are placed on your body, your body will read or register exactly what the item is. This is a very interesting process, and our practitioners will place food sensitivities on your body as well to see how your body reacts to them. Ultimately, we will be able to figure out exactly what is causing problems for your body through these miles. they’re going to help you get a read on exactly what is causing blockage in your body. we will repeat this process with all the different things that could be going on.

Depending on the findings that the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse encounters, we will be giving you your next steps period there’s so many amazing things that you can do to help improve your body’s function and we are going to make sure that you are able to work through them. We know there are many different things I can cause such as scars. We were able to determine if your scar is causing you issues by putting these Supplements near the nerve fibers near your scars. If the arm and locks come in the protection or roofs the supplements come and ask the patients to touch each car individually. At the same time, the practitioner will be putting their Palm over the belly button.

This whole process sounds very crazy, but it really does work. We were able to get to the root cause of many different issues. We are going to be working very closely with you to see exactly what the problem is coming from. We can’t wait to get started working with you today.

If you have any questions about what we do, we would love for you to give us a visit At and 315-697-9721. There is so much to learn coming we cannot wait to begin telling you. We have an amazing team of Representatives that are excited to be answering all of your questions soon.