Let’s talk about the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse and how it’s therapy. Never heard of nutrition therapy. That is no big deal. We will make sure you understand how nutrition can work as therapy. At Knox nutrition and chiropractic care we feel it is an essential tool to correct problems you are having within your body. We will teach you about the ways your body is speaking to you. Conventional medicine has only been around for a short time if you think about it. We didn’t have true medication until fairly recently. Before what we call medicine today came around everyone had to listen to their bodies.

We encourage you the next time you feel bad to do the same here at Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse. Sometimes you just need to allow your body more time to rest. God made your body with the tools to listen so just do it. Our body is able to involuntarily regulate itself. How many things can you think of that your body just automatically does? Some of those things are breathing, your blood pressure, and your heart rate just to name a few. The system that is responsible for these things is your autonomic nervous system. With Dr. Knox you’ll be guided through it and learn how to treat your body better.

Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse and Dr. Knox will teach you how to listen to your autonomic nervous system with these alternative healthcare practices. People have been using this method for centuries. It will be tested through muscle testing which is the autonomics language. WE know you’ll be satisfied with the answers you will get from the nutrition response testing that she will put you through. This will allow her to find where the dis-ease is coming from. It can be found in many different areas throughout your body like your organs, and lymph nodes. We want to get you answers.

There are tools that Dr. Knox and her staff will use it to target your needs. One of these tools is whole food supplementing. She will teach you all about how it works and the ways it will help you. You don’t know what whole food supplementation is? That’s no problem. One thing that comes with doing whole food supplementation is no more fast food. I know it’s a bummer. Dr. Knox makes sure that she gets all of your medical history so she doesn’t interfere with your other medical care.

With all the information and tools you get from Knox nutrition and chiropractic care we know you will see results. You’ll feel happier and healthier in no time.. There are other therapy styles we provide as well like chiropractics and trigger point therapy. If you feel like those could be great tools for you as well just talk to her about it. I’m sure you have curiosities about what you have just read so check out the website at KnoxNutritionandChiropractic.com. We want to answer any questions you have. Our phone number is 315-697-9721.

Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse | getting your strength back

Let Dr. Knox at the Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse return your strength to you. She is trained in this awesome practice called trigger point therapy. There is no time like now to get your mobility and strength in check. If you ever have any pinching feelings, muscle spasms, or tightened areas we can help resolve those with trigger point therapy. This method will use the fingers, hands, elbows, and sometimes a small tool to pinpoint the trigger point. These trigger points can hold you back by restricting your movement and we know how frustrating that is.

Once the trigger point is found Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse she will apply constant pressure to give you the relief you deserve. These trigger points do not release the same for every person so you may feel it very quickly in the matter of seconds or it could take a few minutes. In the beginning it does tend to take longer to release and each time you are treated it happens quicker and quicker. It will improve muscles that have become weak, tingly or burning by allowing more mobility and promoting better circulation. Just a little pressure is all it takes. We know when you leave Knox NUtrition and Chiropractic Care you will be satisfied.

Best Nutrition Consulting Syracuse has determined through the work of Dr. Knox that the responsiveness to trigger point therapy varies for different people. In some cases people have seen great results after the first treatment, but other people may take a couple of visits for that real wow. We don’t want you to be shocked when you come to get trigger point therapy. It is a bit painful, but so worth the relief. We are sure you will want to come back for more treatments. We provide only the best for our patients. We know that the release you get will blow your mind.

Taking the next step to take back control of your life is what we are here for. We know you wont regret coming and receiving therapy with us. Always be sure to drink plenty of water in the days coming up to your treatment. We tell you this to try to prevent the side effect that can occur from trigger point therapy. You may experience nausea or vomiting from the toxins that have been trapped in the muscles. That’s why we suggest drinking plenty of water will reduce the possibility of these side effects. Knotted muscles hold toxins and releasing the knots will release the toxins. WE promise to get you feeling better and more mobile.

Here at Knox Nutrition and Chiropractic Care we are so ready for you to come change your life with us. Are you excited? You are finally going to be able to move better again. For more info about any of our therapy styles you can look into it on our website. Or you can call us. You’ll find our website is very helpful which is KnoxNutritionandChiropractic.com. Our phone number is 315-697-9721