We determine which of your organs are not functioning optimally with Nutrition Consulting Syracuse and we help you fix them. Dr Nancy Knox is an experienced chiropractor who specializes in nutrition response testing. She struggled with several health issues before she experienced healing. That is what made her passionate about the industry. She entered chiropractic school with severe post surgery foot pain from extensive bunion surgery. She wondered for 5 years if she would ever be able to wear anything besides sneakers. Someday, sneakers were even a challenge.

She has an amazing story and at her business, you will find Nutrition Consulting Syracuse to be a place where she has experienced real life and is able to apply this to your life. She had a lot of health issues but was able to turn it around. She has a powerful testimony that will give you the courage to step out and step into healing. When she began nutrition response testing she discovered a holistic way of healing. The year was 2009 when she discovered it. She started Advanced clinical training nutrition response testing. She wanted to help others with her health and give back to study by giving the gift of help by the surrounding community. She started studying and reviewing the manual, watching videos, and studying supplements so that she could pass a test each month. Dr Knox likes to do continued learning when she is not working.

If you are ready to experience Nutrition Consulting Syracuse then look no further than Knox nutrition and chiropractic. if you have experienced issues with health. you’ll want to start here. The difference starts with you saying yes. you can begin to develop healthy eating habits. We will help you with personalized care. There is no cookie cutter approach. We will also introduce you to Whole Food supplements. We help you in this process because we care about your health. Just like Dr Knox experienced a little bit of a journey you will too, but we are here to Hold Your Hand throughout the entire process.

We can help you with the genuine building blocks for your body. you can find a way that will help you in your health journey. There are other great companies that we work with. We do not use synthetic supplements because approximately 90% are made by pharmaceutical companies using coal tar. you wouldn’t believe what is being put in your food. you’re actually putting more animals in your body and we get enough already. We offer Chiropractic care, nutrition therapy, and trigger point therapy. We have affordable solutions that are tailored to you.

get started in your journey to Health by visiting Knoxnutritionandchiropractic.com. You can also do so by calling 315-697-9721 for a $1 new patient special. it will include biometric measurements, a Health Express test, and in depth review of sentence, nutrition response testing, muscle testing, and your report on your findings. we will also design a treatment plan specific to you

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Experience Nutrition Consulting Syracuse for any of your health needs. have you already gone the so-called conventional Medical route? Have you ever gone to alternative practitioners? if you have had no results or actual conditions that are worse than we know how that feels. Are these conditions having a negative impact on your personal life? if you’ve answered yes these questions then we implore you to get the situation handled once and for all. there is hope and you’ve come to the right place. doctor Knox has actually experienced a lot of these things as an individual.

We care about you and we will provide Nutrition Consulting Syracuse at Knox nutrition and Chiropractic care. follow our recommendations as close to the as possible. We are found to be a nutrition response testing place that you can count on. when you stay with the program long enough to achieve maximum correction of your underlying causes the new experience Health in a different level. you will have the best chance of changing the maximum results possible. When Dr Knox first saw this type of work being done, she had a reaction probably similar to what you have. She thought this looked kind of strange.

you should still give Nutrition Consulting Syracuse a chance. your health depends on it!. we will help facilitate the body’s ability to self correct. There are stressors that cause interference and we are able to come in to help support the body to easily remove the stresses so they no longer interfere with normal body function. This testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. you may be pretty skeptical when you first start, but give it a chance. Dr Knox experienced great Improvement and her testimony proves that.

If you are ready to take control of your health you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in Chiropractic care, nutrition therapy, and trigger point therapy. Do you see that as time goes on, conditions are worsening? stay with this program long enough to achieve maximum correction. you will begin to live your best life. That’s what it’s all about. We have made someone else accountable to our bodies. We are the only ones that know what is going on inside. if you take a step back and think about how you feel that will help you begin this process.

start the journey to Health today and visit Knoxnutritionandchiropractic.com. by calling 315-697-9721 you can take control of your health today. start this year off right. God gave us intuition to sense things going in the wrong direction in our body and also the right direction. This could be the Difference Maker. This could be your year to make the changes that you need to get total body health. We are ready, willing and able to help you at Dr Knox chiropractic. At this practice, we use the best tools to get you to where you want to be for this!