Nanci Knox wants to be your Nutrition Consulting Syracuse. Let her get your nutrition where it needs to be. Do you just not understand why you can’t lose weight? Well she will have a solution for you. Do you just feel horrible all the time? She will help you look into what organ isn’t working the way it should be. You don’t have to do this alone. She has the tools to make you feel better. You just have to stick with it. She wants you to feel like you have an idea of what you need to do to feel better and lose weight.

There are many things she will help you with at Knox Nutrition Consulting Syracuse. She specializes in Chiropractic care For one. If you don’t know about how chiropractic care works let’s get into it. Its focus is on the musculoskeletal and also the nervous system. Many people don’t realize that these things affect not just how you physically feel, but also your overall general health. The practice of chiropractors dates back to 1895. Knox believes in using a drug-free and hands-on approach to chiropractic practice. With her training of 4200 hours she has learned that adjustments can restore proper movement. Not only to the area being adjusted but also to the adjacent spinal bones.

Another one of Knox’s specialties as a Nutrition Consulting Syracuse is nutritional therapy. Do you know how to listen to your body? I would say most people don’t they rely on their medical doctor to do that for them. It shouldn’t be this way. You should know what your body is telling you. Knowing this now Knox wants to help you learn to listen to your body. She wants to help you take control back and out of the hands of your doctor. God gave you the ability to feel when and what our bodies are trying to tell you.

Do you carry tension in your neck? Or in your shoulders? Do you get frequent headaches? The other thing that she specializes in is trigger point Therapy. This form of therapy can be very helpful for these kinds of things. Knox found this intriguing through her own experiences with her own body. Trigger point focuses on the muscles, not the bones. This method of muscle release can be very painful but so relieving at the very same time. It can help with many things. It never just affects the area the pressure is being applied to, it helps surrounding areas as well. Sometimes it affects them more than the area the pressure is being applied.

Knox wants you to come see her so you can find the relief she has. Let God work through her on you. She guarantees you’ll leave happier than you came in and is sure you will return. I think you will love all the great services she has to offer. Do you want to feel better? Do you want to take back control of your life? Well head on over to her website and learn some more. Her website is If you read this and you think I’m just ready to get things set up you can call to get an appointment at 315-697-9721.

Nutrition Consulting Syracuse | Chiropractic care

Knox not only does Nutrition Consulting Syracuse she also does chiropractors. Which is where she got her start. She branched off to nutrition later. Let’s talk about the musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders and how chiropractors could be the answer to your pain and health issues. This is something that Knox feels very strongly about; she doesn’t think you need drugs to get relief from pain and discomfort. They treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, headaches whiplash, Neck pain & stiffness, TMJ, pain and numbness in different parts of the body. Even some you may not think could be helped by chiropractors. Some of those include bed wetting, asthma, and chronic ear infections.

With Knox Nutrition Consulting Syracuse you’ll have the option of all of this relief. Chiropractics is a type of manipulation therapy. It’s typically given to individual bones of the spine that are restricted or subluxations. Do you feel you have these kinds of restrictions? Getting adjustments can restore the correct movement that you are looking for. You may not even realize where the actual problem is. It is usually not the direct area that is in pain. It’s usually a joint next to the one the actual work is being done on. How does it work you may ask? They will apply pressure which will release nitrogen gas.

Nutrition Consulting Syracuse What you should expect is a warm greeting by the staff. You’ll have an initial health express test and some other tests as well. Dr. Knox wants to make sure she fully understands what is going on with your body. She doesn’t want to make things worse. Your medical history will be taken. Believe it or not it can have an affect on what she will be able to do for you. She will make sure you are educated on chiropractics. She’ll go over what she found with your exam and what the plan will be moving forward. She is going to take her time and make sure you don’t feel rushed into anything. She knows it can be a bit nerve racking getting this kind of work done. She may also suggest getting x rays done depending on your case.

I’m sure you’re wondering when will I feel better? Well for many people it happens immediately after treatment others may take a few weeks to feel substantial progress. She will also provide you with exercise or stretches to continue to correct your issue. She feels it is important for patients to do self-care likes these after the adjustments. In some case she may suggest that you go through trigger point as well.

We hope you have found this to be helpful in determining if you would like to come see Dr. Knox. We sure hope you do. Who am I kidding? I know you’ll go check out her website and educate yourself more. You can do that at you can also set your appointment up there. Or just give them a call and set up 315-697-9721.