Dr Knox and her Nutrition Consulting Syracuse want me to tell you how you can improve your personal health. Have you had continued struggles with sluggishness? Are you constantly having issues with brain fog? Have you tried different things to work on the issues you are having with your health? Sometimes it just takes consistency with a new diet. There are things a diet change can affect that you never would have thought of and we will jump into that throughout this article. I’m going to try to make this an easy to understand read, but anything you have more questions can be answered on the website.

We over at Nutrition Consulting Syracuse with Dr. Knox wants to help you change your eating habits. Let’s look at dieting in a different way. Not everyone can make the changes to their diet at the same pace. She will work with you to figure out the pace at which you should progress your diet change. The exception to this rule is when it comes to cancer. It has to be an immediate change with fighting cancer in this way. With all other patients you’ll work together on removing food from your daily routine. You’ll want to eat 1-2 servings of fruit per day with some exceptions. Knox will provide you with healthy alternative recipes for each of the holidays. Since we know everyone loves to eat at holiday parties.

One of the great things about Dr. Knox and her Nutrition Consulting Syracuse she has a great understanding of how to help fix your health. One of the things she truly believes in is diet change to help fight against cancer. Not many people are familiar with this. Why it’s important to change your diet when you are diagnosed with cancer is because of sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. It’s something that helps cancer continually grow. With this diet change it must be immediate. Fortunately there are options to work against cancer without chemotherapy like completely changing your diet.

Each patient’s diet will most likely look different from the next ones. There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. That’s why she will work with you to figure out the right design for you. Regardless of who you are there will be whole food supplements. No supplements you will be given will be synthetic. Because 90% use coal tar and our bodies are not designed to digest coal. We already get enough chemicals in our bodies we don’t need to knowingly add another one.

Dr. Knox is very different from conventional healthcare offices. She is going to educate you on the truth. We don’t want to think about it but the Standard American Diet is killing us all slow especially those who suffer from IBS. Have you noticed there are more people with different health issues? One no one wants to think about is there has been an increase in the number of women not able to get pregnant. This is caused by a lack of cholesterol which comes from fats, but they need to be healthy fats like butter, avocados, olive oil and can’t forget eggs. The whole egg. Go to the website and set up your appointment now at KnoxNutritionandChiropractic.com or call 315-697-9721.

Nutrition Consulting Syracuse | Nutrition effects on Headaches

Time to find out something crazy with Dr. Knox with her Nutrition Consulting Syracuse.
Headaches can be affected By the health of different organs and your body. Which Theron means your nutrition also affects the headaches you are getting. There are 23 different organs that can affect headaches. Doctor Knox wants to help you figure out which organ is affecting your migraines and help you correct them through a diet change.Who would have thought that it would be possible to fix your headaches just by changing your diet. She uses Nutrition Response Testing to determine what organ is causing the migraines.

Nutrition Consulting Syracuse loves using the testing process Nutrition Response testing. It tests your muscles to figure out which organ is the cause of the headaches and migraines you are experiencing. Even after she figured this out she will continue to dig to find out what is affecting the specific organ. She knows it could be one of several different stressors that affect the organs. It could be an immune challenge like bacteria, mold, viruses, or parasites. Food sensitivities can also be a stressor. There are others, but those two are the most common causes. Running these tests can be very intriguing not only for the practitioner but also for the patient.

We know what you are thinking at Nutrition Consulting Syracuse. How is it possible that there are 23 different organs that can cause you headaches? Well, if they aren’t functioning properly or they are full of toxins it makes more sense. We just don’t normally think about that when we feel a migraine coming on. If you choose to go see them at Knox Nutrition & Chiropractic Care. I know you won’t be disappointed. You will have answers and have some peace of mind.

It seems that Dr. Knox has found that toxins are one of the main causes in both food and immune challenges. We know sometimes you’re going to get sick and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it but with the help of Dr. Knox and her staff can get you set up with the correct action plan to combat those nasty toxins. Just think with whole food supplements you may be able to nearly eliminate your headaches.

I know you want to know more, so let me go ahead and give you the tools to do so. Since nearly everyone in the world experiences headaches of some sort I know you’ll find the website helpful just look under blogs for more info. You can find it at KnoxNutritionandChiropractic.com. Once your sold on Dr. Knox do yourself a favor and go see her. You can set up the appointment online or call and talk to one of her lovely staff members to get an appointment. The phone number is 315-697-9721.